Multi-instrumentalist, engineer, composer, producer and arranger Branwen Somatik moved to London in 1994 with an ambition to create her own niche in the music scene. She started work as a freelance engineer and before long was multi-tasking for 4hero at their studio in Dollis Hill, in between flying off to record strings in Madras with Talvin Singh or heading over to Hoxton to program beats for Lady Miss Kier.

Coming from a radically varied musical background of such styles as hip hop, thrash, psychedelia, dub, drum+bass, and classical music, Somatik has all the while been developing her own sound and has had releases on Marc Mac’s Twisted Funk Records, 2000 Black, Bill Laswell’s Axiom label and London-based Zip Dog Records. She has also co-written tracks on recent albums by 4hero, Jill Scott, and Talvin Singh. She now lives in west Wales where she has just finished renovating an old cottage to create a new home and studio environment.

Branwen Somatik’s engineering credentials read like a “who’s who” of producers and musicians from all round the world, from 4hero, Talvin Singh, Lady Miss Kier, Terry Callier, Future Sound of London, and Bembe Segue to Madonna, Asha Bhosle, Ultra Naté, and Master Musicians of Jajouka.

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