10 August 2007.......

Classic Somatik Anokha-style d&b track "Zor" finally has an official release on mp3 download via GoldHill Records as from today, Friday August 10. With a virtual flip-side track "Yad" the tracks are available to buy from the new GoldHill ithinkmusic store. Check out for previews of both tracks.

Brand new Somatik album "Learning the Colours" is out NOW! Click here to buy the CD directly from the GoldHill Records website, or visit the GoldHill ithinkmusic store to buy it on mp3 download.

Visit the Twisted Funk website to hear Somatik's already popular latest track "Avianticide" from the compilation "Scattered Snares Vol 2" - buy the album now!

Recent remixes from Somatik include "Nami No Koe Reinterpretation" from Das Modular compilation Nippon Connection. Somatik has recently been collaborating with Australian producer Tony Buchen on the forthcoming Baggsmen album. Remix also on the way for SK Radicals on Groovement.

Mixing is underway on brand new collaborative project with vocalist, musician and songwriter Lita Joy. The project is called Hidden. The album is due this summer. Check out preview tracks at or at

New Somatik release
"Zor" | "Yad"
out now on
GoldHill Records
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Learning the Colours
Somatik album
"Learning the Colours"
out now on
GoldHill Records
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